2 in 1 Magic - Sleep Mask + Headphones. 

SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro
SnoozeSound™ Pro

SnoozeSound™ Pro

$64.99 AUD
$85.00 AUD
  • 100% Light Blockage

  • Anti Snoring - Block Out Unwanted Noise With Built-In Bluetooth Earphones

  • Scientifically Backed - More REM Sleep

  • Adjustable Fit - One Size Fits All

  • 10+ Hours Battery Life

  • Risk Free - Money Back Guarantee!

  • Free Shipping

  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout


It's more than just amazing sleep - It's a lifestyle change.

“I love my sleep but I just don't get enough of it. The SnoozeSound Pro was my last hope and it works! It's not your ordinary sleep mask. I actually look forward to bed time now. I use it every night. I don't think I can ever live without it. I still can't believe the difference it's made. I just need to get another one so my husband stops stealing mine”


"I've never tried this sort of product before. Now I'm sold! It's done wonders for my sleep."


"I have a really hard time sitting my mind down to go to sleep, and this mask exceeded my expectations, where all other masks and noise blockers haven't"


"These headphones are magical, if you want to sleep and listen to music, It is perfect. I recommend. Super fast delivery, about 7 days."


“It alleviated my problems. I love it. Thank you. Thank you."


It's more than a sleep mask - It's an experience.

More than just a sleep mask - Experience the magic of our  integrated Bluetooth earphones


SnoozeSound Pro will never ruin your lashes.


Regular sleep masks are outdated.


If you like napping, you will  love  SnoozeSound Pro.


You're craving sleep - Yet your body is resisting.

Tired all day - Then suddenly energetic when your head hits the pillow?

We could easily just say what you've already heard a million times.

"Blue light is bad"
"Avoid all screen time 1 hour before bed"
"No caffeine past 12pm"

Yes, all of these statements may be true - but the world is changing, life is more stressful than ever. 

For most people, "bedtime" is a getaway from their action-packed lives - The perfect time to wind down, so who's got the right to stop you from binge watching Tik Toks?

We're here to meet you in the middle.

Sadly, the above statements are true. If you want quality sleep, constant binge watching will only excite your brain and prevent any sleepiness.

However - We are not here to rob you of entertainment. 

That's why we designed SnoozeSound Pro, instead of killer documentaries on YouTube, why not listen to a podcast version? Instead of ASMR compilations on Tik Tok, maybe try sticking to an audio version?

This way, you get all the entertainment you need- While also saving your eyesight, and letting your brain know it's time to sleep.

You may have tried this already with your headphones - Yet they were too uncomfortable, or they fell out during the night.

With our integrated earphones, not only are they comfortable, but it is also IMPOSSIBLE they fall out during the night.

Get your Melatonin fix - For free - Forever

Maybe you've already tried a variety of different "Sleep hacks"

You've possibly tried a random array of sleeping pills you can't even pronounce.

Maybe you've had a phase of eating those tasty (artificially flavoured) Melatonin gummies.

Sure - they may work for a while, and you might sleep slightly better. 

But what happens when you run out of gummies and your partner is snoring like a train?

What happens when inflation hits, and your super dependable sleep pills are now $100/week?

If those options still suit you, then go ahead - We won't stop you.

Although, we have a better solution - a long-term fix. Instead of forcing your body to shut down with pills, we can give you an efficient sleep ritual, that naturally sends your body to sleep - the right way.

The Natural Melatonin Booster.


We know how hard it is to shut down those racing thoughts. Give this a try!

Get comfortable

Getting yourself into the perfect mood to sleep can be difficult. Afterall, who doesn't like watching a few Tik Toks before bed?

However, all this is doing is keeping your mind and body awake. 

Maybe your bed is stiff, maybe your pillows are old and uncomfortable. 

How about this? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to give your bed a makeover, get the job done with the most comfortable sleep mask in the game, soft cushioning around your eyes, and a soothing hug around your face. (who needs a cuddle buddy when you've got us!)

SnoozeSound Pro has the power of premium cushioning, quality headphones, and light blockage that puts your curtains to shame.

How's that for a 3 in 1 combo?

Set the mood

Okay now you're in bed, comfortable as a baby in cot. Now let's set the mood, stay entertained without exposing your eyes to blue light! 

Maybe you'll listen to that favourite audiobook you've been putting off, or maybe your favourite podcast, maybe some meditation? We won't tell you what to do, only you know what gets you in that relaxed state.

But hey, if you really want to get things rolling and enter dreamland, nothing does the job better than some white noise, or brown noise, or pink noise (pretty sure they have a noise for every colour, funny right?)

Seriously though - all of these options will do wonders for your sleep, with science to back it up. So ditch the late-night scrolling, your brain and body will thank you!

Sink into a deeeep sleep

Right, so now you are comfortable, entertained and relaxed. (You're welcome)

Your body then gracefully enters a deep sleep and you're busy dreaming about that one celebrity crush.

Bad news, your neighbours are screaming at each other (fourth time this week) and have woken up the whole street... Except you.

That's right, nothing is going to get in the way of your spicy dreams with that celebrity crush, our headphones have taken care of this for you, blocking out all the nonsense.

No interrupted sleep here!


Who should be wearing this mask?

Anyone and everyone!

No matter your age, race, wealth, health, or fitness. A common theme is that most people don't sleep well, most of them don't know it either.

This mask is suitable and highly recommended for:
  • Exhausted parents
  • Overthinkers
  • Highly stressed individuals
  • Exhausted students
  • Side sleepers
  • Sleepers who sleep on their back or belly
  • Nightshift workers
  • Sleepers in a noisy environment
  • Sleepers that take naps
  • Sleepers that take flights often
  • Sleepers who enjoy watching YouTube before bed
  • Sleepers that enjoy listening to podcasts
  • Sleepers that love meditating before bed
Basically, if you sleep (we hope you do), then SnoozeSound Pro is not only suitable - but the perfect tool to enhance your nights, and your mornings.

What if I don't hear my phone or my smoke alarm?

We've all done it before, sleeping through an alarm and being spam texted by your boss is a terrible feeling.

However- with SnoozeSound Pro, this will never be a problem. To be very clear, the earphones are not 100% noise cancelling, this is for the safety of our users.

Yes, they will drown out most noise - Your snoring partner will not disturb your sleep.

 In the event of a fire, when your smoke alarm is going off - Don't worry, you will hear it!

As for your alarm, most connected devices will pause any music automatically when set alarm goes off.

Can I wash the mask?

Yes Absolutely!

Make sure to remove the electronics - This is a very easy task, simply pull them out of their designated slots.

We then recommend setting your washing machine to a cold, gentle wash setting.

Leave mask to dry.

Put electronics back in mask.

What apps are compatible with the mask?

Any and every app.

There are no limitations on your entertainment, relax on your own terms!

How long are shipping times?

Standard shipping takes 7-14 days worldwide.

We are currently working on an express shipping system that will shorten the wait to 3-7 days.

In the meantime, we provide free shipping on all orders as a courtesy to our loyal customers.